Code Audits
Code Audits of Deri Protocol
Security first in Deri Protocol. To be comfortable with launching Deri Protocol V2, security audits from Peckshield and Certik are carried out to reduce the threat of direct protocol vulnerabilities.

Latest Code Audit

Deri Protocol v3 Audit By Peckshield

publications/PeckShield-Audit-Report-DeriV3-1.0.pdf at master · peckshield/publications


Deri Protocol v1 Audit By Peckshield

publications/PeckShield-Audit-Report-Deri-v1.0.pdf at master · peckshield/publications

Deri Protocol v2 Audit By Peckshield

publications/PeckShield-Audit-Report-DeriV2-v1.0.pdf at 693bdb69e3e3e422b4f7e1f3130d841e631b4dab · peckshield/publications

Deri Protocol v2 Audit By CertiK

Deri Protocol - CertiK Security Leaderboard

Deri Protocol v2 Everlasting Options Audit by Peckshield

publications/PeckShield-Audit-Report-DeriV2EverLasting-v1.0.pdf at master · peckshield/publications
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