Mining Guide

How to mine?

There are several ways to participate in the Deri Protocol mining program.

Liquidity mining in trading pools by providing base tokens

Users can earn Deri rewards by adding liquidity to our in-house pools. Currently we offer five trading pools (2x $BUSD, $USDT , $BAC, $HUSD). Please note that each trading pool is assigned to a specific blockchain e.g. to mine $DERI rewards with BUSD, you must be logged into the BSC network.

From now on, you can add even additional liquidity or remove liquidity from the pool at any time. On the mining page overview, you find information about your harvesting and the claim button.

APY is calculated as: APYLiquidityMining=PDERIHDERIBTVLAPY_{LiquidityMining} = \frac{P_{DERI} * H_{DERI} * B}{TVL} ,where PDERIP_{DERI} is the price of DERI, HDERIH_{DERI}is the harvest of DERI per block for all the pools, BBis the number of blocks of one year of the network, TVLTVLis the TVL of all trading pools. Please note the APY only includes the yield of DERI award, whereas the profit of a base token is not included. LP's profit (or loss) of a base token is reflected in the change of Liquidity Share Value.

Since one LP's harvest is proportional to his/her liquidity weight of the total TVL, so it's the same APY if you replace the HDERIH_{DERI} and TVL with your harvest per block and your contributed liquidity. By doing this calculation you can verify the APY value yourself.

Liquidity mining with the DERI-USDT SLP staking in Sushiswap's Onsen pool (ETH)

Mining by Brokerage (0.01DERI per contract or distributed per volume weight if breaching the hourly upper limit)

Brokerage Mining Rules: The Brokerage Mining program is to award those who refer their friends to trade on Deri. A broker can earn 0.01DERI for every contract traded by an affiliated trading address. Such affiliation is set by binding the broker’s address as “broker address” and can only be set once. However, there is an hourly upper limit of 500 DERI per pool for the total mining amount on Deri Protocol V2. That is, if the total trading volume of a pool within one hour is over 50,000 contracts, the traders will share the 500 DERI per their ratio of the total trading volume. Example A:

User Bob trades 1,000 contracts on the Perpetual Pool “BTCUSD, ETHUSD/BUSD”. And the total trading volume within this hour is less than 50,000 contracts, then Broker Alice earns 10 DERI. (1,000*0.01=10)

Example B:

User B trades 1,000 contracts on the Perpetual Pool “BTCUSD, ETHUSD/BUSD”. And the total trading volume within this hour is 100,000 contracts, then Broker Alice earns 5 DERI. (1,000*500/100,000=5)

Risk Warning

Liquidity mining on Deri pools is subject to market risk due to the possible net position, which indicates that the mining PnL result could be negative but also positive. Secondly, the probability of a negative result (a loss) on Deri liquidity mining pools is much smaller than that of typical spot exchanges due to the protection by arbitragers, although, a certain market risk remains.

Liquidity mining on SushiSwap Onsen DERI-USDT Pool is subject to the risk of impermanent loss. Any resulting permanent loss caused by removing the liquidity is in the user's responsibility. Use only the listed pools on our website to add liquidity. Adding liquidity on empty pools directly over SushiSwap can cause a huge or total loss. We urgently advise you to seek help from an independent financial adviser If you have any questions or doubts.