General Frequently Asked Questions about Deri Protocol

How do I open an account?

You don't. You just need to connect your wallet to the Deri exchange via the webpage. When you land on the website, it will check whether a supported wallet is installed on your browser. If yes, you will be asked to connect it. Otherwise, it guides you to a wallet website (e.g. MetaMask ).

Which wallets are supported?

For the time being: MetaMask imToken Math Wallet Trust Wallet Bitkeep Wallet ONTO Wallet TockenPocket

We are working on supporting more.

Which chains are Deri running on?

So far, Deri is deployed on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) and within one unified ecosystem organized by the token DERI. Hence the slogan: Three Chains, One Ecosystem.

Is Deri protocol working on layer1 or layer2?

As of now, Deri is working on layer 1. Meanwhile, we are working on the layer2 solution for Deri and will roll out the layer2 version soon. Please stay tuned.

Is there a testnet for Deri protocol?

Yes, please go to for testing. You may get testing tokens from the faucet webpage

What's the total supply of DERI?

There are 400m non-mining and 600 mining tokens in total. For now, the 400m non-mining DERIs have already been minted, with 360m distributed to team & investors but in a 2-year linearly released vesting plan. The other 40m belong to the treasury, which is unlocked from day one.

What's DERI's function and value basis?

DERI is a governance token + privilege token. Please refer to DERI's tokenomics for details.