Frequently Asked Questions about Deri Bridge

How to use the DERI Bridge?

Watch our simple clip guide on how to use the DERI Bridge to transfer DERI tokens from one network into another.

Do I lose my DERI if the transferring procedure "fails" in the middle?

No, you have not lost your DERI. All you need to do is to come back to the bridge webpage and finish the process.

If your DERI has already been out of your wallet, i.e., sent to the wormhole, the bridge will definitely issue a signature for your transfer, which means that you just need to come back & connect to the bridge webpage with the address which includes the transferring signature. The website notices the signature and guides you through the procedure to ensure that the transfer is carried out properly.

What are the smart contract addresses of the Wormholes of Deri Bridge?

The Wormhole is available & active on the following networks with the following smart contract addresses:

BSC: 0x15a5969060228031266c64274a54e02Fbd924AbF Ethereum: 0x6874640cC849153Cb3402D193C33c416972159Ce HECO: 0x134A04497e9a0b1F8850fEaf87eD18ec348dDa46